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Imagine an app branded just for you, where users can download and keep track of your social media through Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter API integrations. Here's the kicker, we give you an admin portal where you can send push notifications directly to your fan’s phones telling them about your upcoming streams or newly published videos.

Easy to set up and manage

Just register and list your social media handles and we will handle the rest.

All your social media in one place

Your fans will love this app as it will display all your social media posts in one place.

Be in your fans pocket

Direct line of communication to all your fans.

Send push notifications at will

Send as many push notifications whenever you like!

How it works

Sign up and submit your Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram handle and we will do the rest. Your app icon and splash page will be built from your Youtube avatar and banner. Once it’s all set, we will provide you access to our web portal where you can send out push notifications at will.



Pick a plan and sign up.


Submit your social media handle

The app is built based on API connections to your social media handles.


Send push notifications

Use our portal to send as many push notifications you like.

Amazing Features

With your custom branded app, your users will get to view your Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram feeds. Along with this, your custom push notifications will be stored and users will be able to reference them in the future.

Unique design

Pulled from your Youtube page. Your avatar and banner.

Push notifications

Send customized push notifications like, “Check out our live stream in one hour!”

Up to date feeds

We connect to your social media via API so your superfans will have up to date content

Android and iOS

Built for both Android and iOS!

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    Frequently asked questions

    Here are some of the frequently asked questions by social media influencers who are already using our app.

    No. We just need your social media handles and we can pull all the info because your profiles are public.

    Yours! We’ll work with you to get an Android and iOS developer license so that the apps will be under your name. We can handle this part too but rest assured it will always be under your name.

    Theoretically you can send as many as you want. Be careful though! You don’t want to annoy your fans so that they turn off or uninstall your app!

    Never! Our goal is to build a really solid product where you guys will appreciate and pay for. As long as we grow together there is no need for alternate revenue streams.


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